Kidding Around Toys


I’m so excited to be taking you on a tour of Kidding Around Toys; a must visit toy store in NYC. I’ve shopped at Kidding Around for many years and have always been fascinated by their incredible selection of the best brands and toys for all ages. For a NYC store, Kidding Around is quite large and carries a little bit of everything. I always walk away discovering something new whether it be a cool brand, an interesting game or the latest bath toy. I was curious to learn more about the store, so I got in touch with Christina, the owner, who shared some insights that I hope you will find interesting and valuable.

Here is my interview with Christina


When did you first open the store?

We have been open at this location for over 25 years. 

Do you have more than one location?

One on West 15th and one in Grand Central Terminal. We started off with a tiny store on Bleecker Street, then added the 15th Street location, then we opened one in Montclair, NJ and then one in Grand Central Terminal.  The one on Bleecker is long gone, and we gave the store to our wonderful managers in NJ, so we now have two locations.

What gave you the idea to open a toy store?

I worked in a toy store once and loved it, so it was a dream for me.

Your store is beautiful with an incredible selection of the best toy brands and children's products. How do you select the toys that you sell?

 Originally I chose items for their play value, design  and durability, more classic toys.  As my son has come on board he has mentioned that what is classic to his generation differs from mine, so the mix has been evolving.


Do you have a favorite toy or product that you sell?

I have a new favorite toy once a week.  I get a huge amount of pleasure to hear the squeals of my staff or customers upon first seeing an exciting new toy.  It is holiday time all the time around here with new toys, games and crafts and dolls coming in daily.

Do you sell online?
We do sell online, but have less than a third of what is in the store on our website.  

Do you do any events?
We just had a staff meeting about doing events, and will be having a craft or game table set up which will be ready for kids/caretakers to play and learn from.  This should be happening very soon.

Is there anything else you want people to know about your store?

Our customers, and neighbors have made this a wonderful way to spend a work day, and we appreciate them from the bottom of our hearts.  As a long time independent retailer we know you can grab it easily on Amazon, so we appreciate your supporting us and keeping us viable.  Thank you again!

Walking through Kidding Around Toys is always a blast. Here are some toys that caught my eye on my last visit. You can click on the pictures to learn more about the toys.

Here is their game section,


and their science section,


and craft section.


Check out to see more of their toys, and make sure to stop by if you’re in the area. I’ll be visiting again soon as well, so keep on eye out on my Instagram stories for future visits.

helen sadovsky