Tildie's Toy Box


Tildie’s Toy Box is another amazing toy store in Philadelphia that I stop by whenever I’m visiting. I love the selection of toys that they carry and always leave with new toy, game, and even book ideas (see the last picture for their book section). I wanted you to learn more about the store so I got in contact with Michelle, the owner who shared some interesting insights. Hope you enjoy!


When did you first open Tildie’s Toy Box?

We opened in July of 2016.

How did it get its name?

The name comes from a combination of my daughters' middle names which are Tillie (my husband's grandmother's nickname) and Daye (my mother's nickname). I combined them together to get "Tildie's". The store is for my kids, of course!

Do you have more than one location?

Yes! We recently opened our second location in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia in the Piazza Pod Park. The grand opening is coming soon!


What gave you the idea to open a toy store?

I wanted to open a toy store for 2 main reasons. First, I loved the toy store from the neighborhood where I grew up in Princeton, NJ. Jazams was (and still is!) a magical and fun place filled with loads of great goodies. Its always held a special place in my heart and somehow that feeling of joy that you get when you walk in really resounded with me. Second, after I had my first daughter I stayed home with her for 3 years. During this time I began to really pay attention to how certain toys are great for developing skills at a young age and how others really do nothing and instead act as a screen. I also noticed how gendered packaging can be and how frustrating it is to find toys that encourage both boys and girls to play. I also missed the act of actually going into a wonderful toy store instead of shopping online. All of this together inspired me to start Tildie's Toy Box


You have an amazing selection of the best children’s toys and brands. How do you select the toys that you sell?

I get asked this question a lot! I find toys wonderful toys from a variety of places including trade shows, my sales reps often bring me interesting new things, I also love getting recommendations from other toy store owners, and sometimes I am even contacted directly from companies who are interested in having us carry their product.

Do you have a favorite toy that you sell?

This is always a really tough question for me because since I select everything in here, I love it all so much! I think if I was forced to choose one thing it would have to be the Really Really Big Bashful Unicorn from Jellycat. It's nearly as big as me, its a unicorn, and its a Jellycat plush toy. I mean come on, what more can you ask for! When an aunt came in to buy it for her niece for Christmas, I did need to take a moment and say goodbye to it!


Do you sell online?

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so we choose not to sell online at this time. We can always put an order together over the phone or via email!

Do you do any events?

We host regular story times and participate in festivals on our street. We also do bigger events like book signings, our shops birthday, and Neighborhood Toy Store Day! We love having events for our neighborhood families!


Is there anything else you want people to know about your store?

We have a wonderful staff here, the Tildie's Team, without which none of this would be possible. They are awesome, work very hard, and want to be here. They make my job easier and so much fun. I would also encourage everyone to choose gender neutral toys for their kids, and let them choose without an adult's preconceived ideas of what they should be playing with. Or better yet, step our of your comfort zone and encourage your kids to play with something neither you or they would have thought of! You might develop a new skill or find something amazing you never even considered before! Also, of course, shop local!

helen sadovsky