7 Unique and Educational Games for 5 Year Olds (that are also SUPER fun)!


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1) Allowance Board Game


What you need to know: Allowance is an awesome board game that introduces kids to to business concepts and money management. It can be fun for kids much older than 5 as well.

Goal of the game: Save $20 .00!:)

Skills it works on: As with many board games children practice turn-taking, following directions, and working towards a goal. Allowance also incorporates basic math skills, counting, and teaches kids to think about money responsibly.


2) Spy Eagle Eye-Find It Game


What you need to know: I spy comes with a bell, 4 double-sided game boards and 30 double-sided game cards with pictures of different objects on them. Each card has one object that is the same exact match as an object on each game board.

Goal of the game: Players compete to find a match on their card and game board before their opponent. The person who finds the most matches wins the game.

Skills it works on: Visual processing, visual scanning, attention to detail, concentration, quick reaction time.


3) Sherlock

Games for 5-year-olds1.jpg

What you need to know: Sherlock is an EXCELLENT memory game!

Goal of the game: Remember which object is hiding under which card. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

Skills it works on: Visual memory, attention, counting.

Learn more about the game here: https://www.toy-ideas.com/new-blog-34/2019/5/12/sherlock


4) Lion In My Way


What you need to know: Lion in my way promotes creative thinking and problem-solving as it encourages kids to think outside the box to over come obstacles while using every day objects.

Goal of the game: Work individually or as a team to find the “best” way to maneuver around obstacles with the help of different objects shown on the picture cards.

Skills it works on: Logic and reasoning, creative thinking, working as a team, problem-solving.


5) Trunks-The Game of Motor Memory


What you need to know: Trunks was invented by an occupational therapist. It involves movement, memory, and sequencing, and comes in 3 levels of difficulty.

Goal of the game: Remember and perform a 4 card action sequence to make a Trunk. The cards involve a variety of movements, sounds, etc, The person who completes the most trunks wins the game.

Skills it works on: Working memory, motor planning, sequencing, following directions, gross motor skills, and visual processing.


6) Balance Beans


What you need to know: Balance Beans is a one player logic balance game.

Goal of the game: Figure out how to position the beans onto the scale in order for it to balance.

Skills it works on: Problem-solving, persistence, sustained attention, and math skills.

Learn more about the game here: https://www.toy-ideas.com/new-blog-34/2019/6/2/balance-beans

7) Swish Jr.

Swish Game

What you need to know: Swish Jr is an adapted version of the original Swish game. Its is great for challenging spatial reasoning in younger kids.

Goal of the game: Find more Swishes than your opponent. A swish is made when a shape is filled in with its matching outline when the cards are stacked together. Swish Jr. also allows swishes to be made out of 3 cards.

Skills it works on: Visual Perception, visual spatial skills, sustained attention, quick reaction time,

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